Having designed and erected a wide range of temporary roof scaffolds for all types of buildings over the years, we have become known as a specialist contractor in this field. So if it is a temporary roof system that you are after, you have come to the right place.

A temporary roof is a sheeted scaffolding structure which is designed to protect the area inside from the weather and or construction debris such as dust. This structure may be erected on a ground base or on the top of a building, or be an extension on the side or around a building.

There are various stages of sheeting protection, in addition to the fully waterproof roofing system, it may have fully sheeted walls or just side skirts.

At Ascent Scaffolding UK Ltd. We use our own very experienced personnel, as well as professionally qualified draughtsmen to design bespoke temporary roofing structures as we are aware that every building and roof is different.

Ascent Scaffolding UK Ltd. can be employed with confidence that the job will be fully fit for purpose and professionally erected.

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